DPC Services

Our services are for both individuals, governmental and non-governmental organizations that are interested in policy, development and research.

Research Support

We support development and policy researcher from all fields of life.

Policy Development

We help in fomulation of policy that are in line with the SDGs and MDGs


We create innnovations that aid socio development at all levels of life

Policy Management

We help corporate companies and countries in fomulation of impactful policies


We have state of heart facilities and infrastructures for all corporate events

Lodging and Accomodation

We have lovely and nice suite to accomodate guests and personalities at all time

Aboyade ICT Hub

We have automate lab for researchers and entreprenuers to achieve their dreams

Resourceful Library

We have equiped and regularlly updated library and e-library for research works

About DPC Nigeria

The Development Policy Centre is an autonomous non-profit Organisation founded in 1993 by the late Professor OjetunjiAboyade, a Development Economist. It is first and foremost a policy research and analysis Centre.

Phone: +23480 3814 4663

Mobile: +23480 8537 0597


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