DPC Facilities

Retreat and Lodging Facilities at the DPC

  • Chief Omowale Kuye Seminar Room
  • DPC Reception
  • DPC Outdoor Hall
  • DPC Visitor's Corner
  • DPC Visitor's Corner
  • DPC Hall
  • DPC Standard Hall
  • DPC Outdoor Hall
  • DPC Town  Hall
  • Town Hall
  • http://dpcnigeria.net/
  • Professor Akpan Ette Seminar Room
Chief Omowale Kuye Seminar Room1 DPC Reception2 DPC Outdoor Hall3 DPC Visitor's Corner4 DPC Visitor's Corner5 DPC Hall6 DPC Standard Hall7 DPC Outdoor Hall8 DPC Town  Hall9 Town Hall10 DPC Town Hall11 Professor Akpan Ette Seminar Room12
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Retreat and Lodging Facilities at the DPC

The Centre’s facilities are available for use by orgnisations with similar aspirations. The Centre;

Offers a serene and quiet atmosphere for intellectual activities and business discussions

Is in the heart of Agodi GRA Ibadan

Is within walking distance from Oyo State and Federal Secretariats

Has a well equipped Research Library providing information support,

Has ICT facilities

Has comfortable lodging in 2 chalets, each having two bedrooms, sitting and dining area, kitchen and standard conveniences

Is near some top rate hotels with generous rates for DPC guests.

About DPC Nigeria

The Development Policy Centre is an autonomous non-profit Organisation founded in 1993 by the late Professor OjetunjiAboyade, a Development Economist. It is first and foremost a policy research and analysis Centre.

Phone: +23480 3814 4663

Mobile: +23480 8537 0597


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