DPC Activities

Some of the Activities and services Available at the DPC Nigeria

Things We Do

1. The Centre undertakes serious policy-oriented research of an analytic, review or evaluative type, done by its Fellows and other Researchers who are appointed from time for specific research projects.

2. The Centre organizes training programmes to upgrade the skills of staff in government departments, private sector establishments, mass media agencies, informal sector associations, non-governmental organisations. Such skills are usually directed at enhancing capacity to diagnose development problems, designing steps to deal with them and evolving strategies to make the designed policies implementable.

3. The Centre organizes regular seminars based on on-going research projects or review of policy issues, to which the general public is always invited, thus disseminating vital development information.

4. The Centre provides reliable information on the key socio-economic growth and development indicators for the purposes of policy making and investment decision-making at the macro and sectoral levels.

5. The Research Library of the Centre is open for public use. It also has various publications of the Centre for sale.

6. The Centre carries out special studies on behalf of the government and private sector organizations which are desirous of availing themselves of the rich policy formulating and analytical expertise available in the Centre.

7. The Centre also offers a serene and congenial environment, with residential facilities, for brain-storming retreats and workshops, which can be used by various groups, by government agencies and private sector establishments for their own programmes.

About DPC Nigeria

The Development Policy Centre is an autonomous non-profit Organisation founded in 1993 by the late Professor OjetunjiAboyade, a Development Economist. It is first and foremost a policy research and analysis Centre.

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